6 Quick Tips For Saving On Utilities


Let’s face it, you can’t live without utilities. They’re the things you have to have to live! But just because you need to have them doesn’t mean you need to overpay for them or that you can’t find ways to save money on them. Americans often overlook their utility bills as places to cut back and possibly save some cash. There are plenty of ways you save money on utilities without shutting off your A/C, and here are some to get you started…

Find and Patch Air Leaks

The fastest way to get a big chunk of money saved on your electricity is to stop letting your precious air flow out of your home through leaks. In the summer you want all that cold air to stay inside. In the winter you want to keep that warmth inside. Letting this valuable air out through leaks causes your heater and/or air conditioning unit to work in overdrive to keep your home the temperature that you want it. Sealing up leaks can save much more than you would think.

The first place you’ll want to check is your window seals. Try lighting an incense and walking around all your doors and windows to detect any leaks. These are the most common and also most easily to patch up and stop. Another thing you can do is to close the vents and bedroom doors in rooms in your house where you are not using A/C. Sealing off unused rooms reduces the amount of unappreciated work your system has to do.

Change Out Your Old Lightbulbs

It’s 2018! Fluorescent light bulbs and LED bulbs are the way of the future. If you’re still using those power sucking old light bulbs, now is the time to replace them. While these bulbs cost more up front than the older bulbs, the reduction in energy consumption will more than make up for it over time. Consider it an investment in your power bill’s future. The Department of Energy has some very interesting studies and statistics that back these claims up. Keep in mind you’ll have to adjust to the new “style” of lighting. People often report that the light is much more “white” than older bulbs. Personally, we enjoy them better here at Credit Cage!

Turn Off The Lights When You Leave!!!

Your parents probably told you this a million and one times when you were growing up, but it’s true. If you leave a room, turn off the light. If you leave the house, turn off all of your lights. The same goes for televisions, electronics, and other appliances. If you are not there to use them, there is no sense in draining energy and paying extra on your bill for no reason at all. This one is a no brainer.

Keep Up With Maitenance On Your Major Utilities

Things like air conditioning units are what we’re talking about here. An unmaintained A/C unit is twice as likely to break or have troubles as one that is cared for regularly. Things as simple as changing the air filters can extend the quality of life and length of service of a unit by years. Also check into automatic and wifi thermostats where you can carefully program out when/how much to use your units. No sense in over-running your AC when you wont even be home to enjoy it.

Reduce Your Water Consumption

We could probably write an entire post on this one. If you’re the kind of person who runs the water faucet while brushing your teeth, you more than likely are wasting between 3-4 Gallons of water each time your brush your teeth. That’s 90-120 gallons a month for a 1 person household. Do you defrost food by running water over it? How long are your daily showers? Do you use sprinklers, and if you do are you making sure to turn them off on rainy days? All these little things add up into big savings. You can reduce your water usage in simple ways that might barely affect you but can fatten up your wallet quickly.

Avoid Peak Energy Times

You can get a discount on energy when not using it during peak times. If you run a dish washer or a clothes dryer, make sure to wait until after peak times. Speaking of clothes dryers, be sure to not overfill them which might require longer or repeated drying cycles. For dish washers, try not running the “dry cycle” on them and instead letting dishes and utensils air dry.

Keep track of all the changes you make and the reduction in your average bills. Be sure to treat yourself to something special with the money you end up saving!

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