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Visit Site ranks #3 on our list of the best credit repair companies. Having been in business since 1997 makes them one of the oldest credit repair services online today. As we all know, "with age comes wisdom". Most credit repair services focus on identifying challenge-able items on client's credit reports and assisting in the process of disputing and correcting said items. What sets apart from the rest is that they actually try to teach and instill in their clients better financial habits for the future.

It's rare to hear a credit repair agency say that they want to change your habits, because your habits are what led you to needing their services in the first place! So if they help you fix your bad habits, then you won't need to continue using their service a few months down the road. That shows that this company actually cares.​

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The first thing worth mentioning about this company is the website dashboard they provide their clients with from the start. From day one working with this company, you will be able to track all of the efforts and results that you are paying for. The dashboard is also fully responsive meaning that you will be able to access it on your smart phone, tablet, or any other internet-ready device.

After the company pulls your credit reports and performs the free case evaluation, you will be asked to mark down what items you would like them to dispute. After selecting the items you will also be provided training in how to not make the same mistakes that resulted in these negative items being on your credit reports in the first place.

Whenever an item is successfully contested and deleted from your history, you will be notified and sometimes even provided your new credit score if applicable. You can literally watch your credit score rise month to month with this service.

When you call the phone number, you'll want to ask them about their famous "three step gameplan" that they put in place for each of their customers. This will help you get the ball rolling to your new life of financial satisfaction.

Benefits of this service

The most obvious benefit to using this credit repair service is the fact that well... your credit will be repaired! That in itself comes with a multitude of benefits. ​Having a credit score in the upper 700's entitles you to low percent financing whether it be mortgages, car loans, etc. These low interest loans can save you tens of thousands of dollars compared to if you had high interest.

Having a higher credit score also opens you up to possibly getting lower insurance premiums and even sometimes better job offers. A little known fact in the business world is that bigger companies will actually pull a credit check on possible employees as a way of gauging trustworthiness.​ Being able to lock down a high paying job is a benefit most don't think of!

For a long laundry list of other benefits you'll get from using their service, you should talk to a representative of directly. They will be glad to hear from you and help you understand anything you may have questions about.​

How much does cost?

Unlike most of its competitors, does NOT charge a set up fee. However, they do charge a one time fee of $12.99 for requesting your credit reports on your behalf. The plan they offer also costs a little less than $90 per month. You can actually save $50 off your first month if you sign up with your spouse though.

At just under $90 per month, only offers one service. They don't believe in withholding any features by having multiple plans. They have one plan with simple pricing that contains everything you need to fix your credit now. However, with that being said, $90 a month is on the higher end of the credit repair companies we have reviewed on Credit Cage.​ So keep that in mind when considering possibly going with a competitor.

There is No Warranty and No Guarantee...​

One huge drawback to this service that we have noted is that they do not offer any sort of warranty or guarantee for their service. This only comes into effect if you are not happy with the work they do for you. Normally (based off reviews) this is not the case. But it is worth noting, of course.

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) ranks an A+, even with having no guarantees. The BBB is based off of real customer reviews. This is definitely something to think about if you are worried or turned off by the fact that they have no warranty or guarantee.​

Is this company worth the money?​

At we insist on being 100% honest in our credit repair company reviews. is one of the oldest companies in the business, and while it is not our #1 choice, it is still a solid agency to use for fixing your credit.

While some customers may be turned off by the higher pricing and lack of guarantee, plenty of others have been satisfied with the service and become overall more financially responsible individuals.​ Remember that is the only service we have reviewed that actually puts in an effort to educate their clients and improve their overall financial habits.

All in all, we give this company a 91/100 on the CreditCage scale. But it's ultimately up to you on who to go with!​

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