Frequently Asked Questions

Credit repair is one of those subjects where the more you learn about it, the more questions you end up having. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! It’s always good to be continually learning and improving in life, especially when it comes to something like your finances.

At Credit Cage we are dedicated to educating the public on the process of fixing and improving their credit scores. We want to help you fix the current problems and change your bad habits so you wont run into anymore issues in the future. This page is dedicated to answering all of the questions we see frequently asked online, and all of the questions we get asked often privately behind the scenes.

As time goes on we will continually update this page with questions related to credit repair and personal finance in general. Make sure to check back and send us any questions you may have so we can possibly add it to this page if necessary!

How long does the credit repair process take?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. There is no 100% correct answer, but one thing we can tell you is that it is not a instant or even fast process. It takes time to request reports, analyze reports, dispute reports, and correct reports. All of this can take months. It also depends on the amount of issues you have to analyze and dispute. Once you have submitted disputes, the law states that credit bureaus must respond/update their reports within 45 days.

Can Repairing My Credit Actually Effect Employment Opportunities?

Yes it can. Getting a credit report of a potential employee has become quite the standard practice lately when qualifying candidates for a job. You might wonder why they would do this, but it’s actually pretty simple and often boils down to two big reasons. For one, they want to make sure you are who you are you are. Second, your credit report shows your financial trustworthiness which often correlates with how much trust can be placed in you as a person.

If you are applying for a job in the finance sector, whether it be banking or anything money related, you’d better believe they’re going to want to run a credit check on you. Companies dealing with money and finance do not want to open themselves up to any preventable vulnerabilities.

Something you should know about employers pulling credit reports is that they are legally not allowed to see what your credit score is. This means that they get the report without the score. So typically they will actually dig deeper into the individual items on the report instead of just glancing at your score and judging it off that.

Is It Possible To Repair My Own Credit?

Absolutely. You can definitely repair your own credit. Everything a credit repair agency can do for you, you can do on your own without them. The caveat being that you’d better be ready to hit the books on studying how to properly work within credit law to resolve your issues. You can actually check out our repair your own credit guide for a basic overview on how you can get started.

The easiest and fastest way to repair your credit is to not do it on your own. While you may think a credit repair company costs too much, you need to factor in the cost of your debt and interest rates staying high each month and the time it will take to do this on your own. Those monthly fees you’d be paying the credit repair agency seem a lot cheaper once you actually do the math.

Remember to check back here frequently for more common questions!